Why buy StormPeace

Think you are covered for 2017 hurricane season with your windstorm insurance?

Think again!

Take no chances

Half of the claims from Hurricane Matthew are still unpaid or open!

Data as of March 2017, obtained from Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. This data is without StormPeace policies.

Your windstorm insurance isn’t enough. It won’t pay to restore power, remove fallen trees or for temporary living expenses.

Plus, it could be weeks or months before your claims get settled.

For a few dollars a day, StormPeace will get you the cash immediately to …

  • Pay your homeowners deductible
  • Make repairs that aren’t covered by your homeowners policy
  • Replace landscaping and fix outdoor property
  • Cover increased living expenses

Buy StormPeace.

Broad coverage. No adjusters. Immediate cash. Hassle-free claims process.

What is StormPeace?

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StormPeace has you covered.

  • Have a mobile home, manufactured home or an RV? Are you finding diffculty finding insurance?
  • We got you covered. No matter what your dwelling type, buy your StormPeace policy today.

  • Have a high wind deductible or have many uncovered losses?
  • StormPeace can save you thousands in these out-of-pocket expenses. Use it to pay for your wind deductibles, or other uncovered losses you might suffer. See Broad coverage. for details. It provides you cash in 1-3 days and helps you rebuild fast.

  • Are you self-insured and have you set aside large emergency funds?
  • Invest your funds smartly. Buy StormPeace and transfer your risk today. StormPeace pays you whenever a named hurricane impacts your location. Payment is pre-agreed and calculated based on strength of the hurricane and its proximity to your location —the stronger the hurricane, the greater the payment.

  • Uninsured?
  • StormPeace will cover you from your first-dollar loss. Buy maximum coverage that StormPeace offers and pay for any loss directly from a hurricane. See Broad coverage. for details.

What our customers are saying.

“Thanks to StormPeace, I was able to eliminate my ridiculous windstorm policy deductible. StormPeace makes financial sense.”

M.H., Delray Beach resident

"Having bought StormPeace, I feel so much better going into this hurricane season."

K.J., Tampa Bay resident

"StormPeace just makes sense. I'm telling my family and friends they need it."

M.G., West Palm Beach resident

Trust & Security

Financial Strength

Insurance carrier rating:
A.M.Best: A- (Excellent)

Top 5 Global Reinsurer

A.M. Best: A+ (Superior)
S&P: AA-; Moody’s: Aa3


Florida license number:

ARC Hurricane Insurance Agency, Inc., Insurance Agency, Clearwater, FL


BBB accredited "A" rated

How it works

1. Buy StormPeace in 1-2 minutes. Policy takes effect same day.

2. Hurricane strikes near your property. We notify you by text/email.

3. You respond and claim your loss amount.

4. We pay in 1-3 business days.
You send proof of loss within 45 days.

1. Buy StormPeace in 1-2 minutes. Policy takes effect same day.

2. Hurricane strikes near your property. We notify you by text/email.

3. You respond and claim your loss amount.

4. We pay you in 1-3 business days. Proof of loss required within 45 days.

Based on the strength of a named hurricane and its closest distance to your property, you become eligible for a predetermined claims amount. When a hurricane hits, you get paid immediately for your loss up to this predetermined amount.

Broad Coverage

Use StormPeace claims payments for any of the following losses directly caused by a named hurricane.

  • Losses below your windstorm deductible, for structure or content damages
  • If no windstorm coverage, pay for any amount of structure or content damage
  • Structures not physically connected to dwelling
  • Debris removal, including fallen trees, even if from neighboring property
  • Outdoor property (swimming pools, lawns, trees, awnings, fountains, entry structures, and more)
  • Increased costs due to enforcement of ordinance
  • Increase in living expenses
  • Temporary power restoration
  • Fair rental value of portion rented to others
  • If you are a renter, pay for your contents damage

Tools Understand your risk and be prepared


See which hurricanes have passed near your location. Replay a hurricane and see how close it got to you, and its severity.

Check out our Hurricane Tracker tool.


Assess your risk and see the chances of a hurricane hitting near your home or business.

Use our Risk Assessment tool.

Protection everywhere you go.

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StormPeace is peace of mind

Get back on your feet fast for just dollars a day.

Your insurance may not cover your outdoor property, landscaping or debris removal. And, you may have to wait weeks or even months before you see the first dollar.

Get StormPeace today. No deductible. Immediate payments. Broad coverage.

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