StormPeace pays 98% of eligible Hurricane Irma claims in less than 3 business days, most within 1 business day

Why should you buy StormPeace?

You may not realize it, but a hurricane could cost you several $1,000s in out-of-pocket even if your homeowners policy covers you for hurricane damages. Consider your costs that could quickly add up from:

  • many uncovered losses in your policy
  • low limits on covered losses such as debris removal, power restoration, evacuation or hotel stay
  • your high wind deductible

Or, maybe you are taking a risk as a self-insured. Or, you are just finding it hard to get insurance for your mobile home.

Wish there is a way to fill these gaps, without any hassles?

Protection: StormPeace is just that! It is your gap protection.

No-hassles: StormPeace pays you fast, in 1-3 days. Your payout is based on pre-agreed conditions of strength of a hurricane and its distance to your home, even if the hurricane does not make landfall. No adjusters.

Trust: StormPeace is approved by Florida department of insurance. And, is financially backed by A.M.Best 'A+' top 5 reinsurer.

Affordable: StormPeace is very affordable. You could get a $5,000 coverage for your 20-year old home close to the coast, for as little as $175.

Two Plans: Based on your needs, you can buy the Basic or the Premium plan. Get your free quote today.


  • Use it to pay for any losses caused by a named hurricane
  • Immediate cash benefits directly to you
  • No deductible
  • No adjusters
  • Hassle-free claims

StormPeace - Benefits Illustration

(assumes a major hurricane loss of $50,000 and StormPeace pays out in full)

  Out-of-pocket expenses
  Without StormPeace With StormPeace
Your financial liabilities from a hurricane, due to uncovered losses including wind deductible $50,000 $0
Credit card finance charges @ 12% interest $6,000 -
Average StormPeace Premium - $2,500
Your out-of-pocket expenses $56,000 $2,500
Break Even Analysis You would have to go almost 20 years without being affected by a large hurricane, just to break even.
Benefit in 2017 If you get hit by a major hurricane, you get 20 times your premium back to you, to rebuild and recover.


StormPeace gets you peace of mind, knowing that when the next hurricane hits you can get back on your feet quickly. The first few days can be the most stressful. You’re without power, there’s a tree across your driveway and who knows when you’ll be able to get a contractor to make repairs. StormPeace pays for losses that your homeowners doesn’t cover.

Even though you may already have windstorm insurance, a hurricane could still cost you thousands of dollars: for deductibles, evacuation expenses and uninsured damages like a tree across your driveway. StormPeace helps you pay for these things and get back on your feet quicker.

StormPeace is insurance, but the difference is in the claims. We are parametric insurance - we pay you a pre-determined amount when one or more parameters are met, specifically strength of the hurricane when it is at its closest to your property, and the closest distance of the hurricane track from your property.

You don’t file a claim; we notify you of your eligible claims amount. You respond to make the claim. And, you get paid within days.

Yes, you can buy StormPeace if you are a renter to cover your contents, evacuation expenses, replacing spoiled food, and generator for power.

No, you don’t need to have other coverage. If you do have windstorm insurance on your home or rental property, the limit on your StormPeace policy must be less than the limit on your existing windstorm policy.

No. All named hurricanes, whether they make landfall or not, are eligible. Other insurance products only cover you when a hurricane makes landfall and wouldn’t have paid claims after Hurricane Matthew since it didn’t make landfall in Florida, even though it caused about $1.2 billion in losses there. StormPeace would have paid for Matthew based on the strength and distance of the storm from your property.

Just keep your receipts and upload them to our website within 45 days of your attestation to your StormPeace claim.

StormPeace is backed financially by a top-5 rated global reinsurer, with a "A+ (Superior)" A.M.Best rating, and is on the paper of a company with a "A- (Excellent)" A.M.Best rating. These ratings are assigned to companies that have, in A.M.Best's opinion, a superior/excellent ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations. StormPeace has also been reviewed and approved by Florida Department of Insurance. And, we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

How it works

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Buy StormPeace in 1-2 minutes. Policy takes effect same day.

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Hurricane strikes near your property. We notify you by email.

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You respond and claim your loss amount.

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We pay in 1-3 business days.
You send proof of loss within 45 days.

The amount of your payment is based on the strength of a named hurricane and its closest distance to your property.
When a hurricane hits, you get paid immediately.

Protection everywhere you go.

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Financial Strength


Top underwriter, rated A- (Excellent) by A.M.Best


Top 5 global reinsurer, rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best


Florida license number:

ARC Hurricane Insurance Agency, Inc., Insurance Agency, Clearwater, FL

BBB accredited "A" rated

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